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The 5th Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition


As the annual event for entrepreneurs of Zhejiang University, the 5th Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition has begun in April this year. With the steady progress of the tournament and the end of regional competitions, the top 100 projects have been born and will compete for the finals through the competition in the industry. According to the schedule of the competition, this year's top 100 competitions will be held in Jiaxing, Hangzhou Xiasha, Haining, Zhuji, and Hangzhou Binjiang, respectively, five industry competitions in advanced manufacturing, medical and health, semiconductor (finished), information technology and comprehensive field, each industry The winners of the competition will advance to the global finals held at the end of November.

On October 29, the information technology industry competition will be held in Zhuji City, and its focus is on using information technology to develop the industry. The competition will be organized by the President of Zhejiang University Alumni Association, Zhuji Municipal People's Government, Zhuji Municipal Party Committee Organization Department, Zhejiang University Alumni Association, Listed Company Alumni Association, Entrepreneurs Alumni Association, Zhejiang University Alumni Association, Financial Investment Alumni Association, Shaoxing Zhejiang University Co-organized by the Alumni Association, micro-chain implementation.

This industry competition focuses on the information technology industry.From the top 100 projects in the competition, the entrepreneurial projects including artificial intelligence, network information platform construction, big data collection and analysis, and other related technologies were screened. Zhejiang University's entrepreneurial style and innovation culture. This information technology industry competition will invite 5 experts and scholars to serve as judges. Under the "ultimate review" of professional judges, what projects can stand out and successfully enter the finals of the competition? Let us wait and see!

This year's information technology industry competition cooperates with Zhuji City and looks forward to fruitful results. Zhuji City is located in the north of central Zhejiang Province, adjacent to Hangzhou, and is a comprehensive pilot county for social management innovation. The top 13 counties and cities in the comprehensive strength of China's small and medium-sized cities are ranked 3, and the provincial industrial cities are ranked. As the first batch of pilot cities for the construction of a strong industrial city in Zhejiang Province, Zhuji currently has 170,000 market entities of various types, 1,132 regulated companies, and 15 domestic and foreign listed companies. Zhuji seized the development momentum of the "digital economy" and used emerging industries such as information technology to drive the digital development of traditional industries and further enhance the strength of the information technology industry. As a natural institution of higher learning with "innovation" genes, Zhejiang University has already appeared in the famous entrepreneurial alumni, such as Duan Yongping, Shi Yuzhu, Song Weiping, and Huang Bo. At present, more than 160 alumni are founders or actual controllers of listed companies. Investment companies are also active in various investment fields and have outstanding performance; Zhejiang University Alumni Entrepreneurship Competition was initiated by Zhejiang University Alumni Association. Since 2011, it has held more than 1,600 events and financed 250 billion yuan for more than 10 billion participating projects. The total value of the project exceeds RMB. The fifth competition with the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation" is expected to attract more than 1,000 entrepreneurial teams and first-class entrepreneurial teams at home and abroad.

This industry competition will be held in Zhuji. This will enable all parties and project people to re-recognize Zhuji, a lucky place for development, and understand Zhuji's support for the development of the information technology industry. It will also provide convenient conditions for Zhuji's subsequent investment promotion. And resources. (Xiao Hu)