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At the age of 15, he went to college, started a business and bought a car, at the age of 25, Tsinghua Graduate School. ..... this young man is playing a counterattack in Tiktok


Cheng Shuai was born in a rural family in the mountainous area of Lu'an, Anhui. He was admitted to Henan University of Technology at the age of 15. After graduating at the age of 19, he began to work hard in the society, founded the Eyou Friends Training Base, and published professional books. He worked hard for several years to buy a car and buy a house in Zhengzhou. Later, he decided to continue his studies. In 2017, he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University with the highest score in the country and became a graduate student. Cheng Shuai recorded his real life with Douyin, and also made netizens see "other people's children."

Many people are puzzled. Cheng Shuai's career has reached a certain level. The training base is flourishing, and he also bought a car and a house in Zhengzhou. The next step is to enjoy life, why continue to study and re-enter the campus. This optimistic and laughing boy told netizens in his short vibrato video that learning can bring us academic and business improvements. Reading and thinking can also allow us to constantly understand, feel, and see ourselves, so as to guide ourselves on what path, what kind of things to do, and what kind of people we become. Then find your true value. In life, there are many young people arguing that they are confused and cannot find the purpose of life. In fact, they just don't know what they really want.

This boy who always smiles in front of the screen and encourages others, in fact, his life can be described as hard and hard. His mother became a single mother at the age of 29. In the countryside, the family conditions are not good, but his mother did not give up and terminate his studies, which is what he has now.

After graduating from college at the age of 19, he went to work in Xi'an and Ningbo. Later, he and his friends established the Zhengzhou Huiyou Hand-painted Training Base to teach graduate design-related knowledge. From nothing to existence, all kinds of pain along the way can be imagined. Not only did he establish a training base, he also published two industrial design books: Sketch Notes-Creative Design Courses in Hand-Designed Design, and Industrial Design Postgraduate Graduate Design Hand-Drawn Questions in Quick Design. "Industrial Design Postgraduate Research Hand-Drawing Fast Question Expression Research Course" specializes in graduate entrance examinations and walks into a university library that has gone about 70% kilometers.

In the hard and busy years of entrepreneurial life, he has never given up studying and tried to apply for Tsinghua graduate student many times. Kung Fu does not bear hard work. At the age of 25, he was admitted to the Qinghua Academy of Fine Arts with excellent results.

Cheng Shuai also shared an interesting story about getting admitted to Tsinghua University on Douyin. This video liked more than 3 million. In the video, he told netizens that when he learned that he was admitted to Tsinghua University, he called his mother once and told him that he was admitted to Tsinghua University. No surprise in his imagination, his mother only responded to these words at the time: Oh, I see. Therefore, relatives and friends at home never knew he was studying in Tsinghua.

Cheng Shuai said her mother didn't like to show off. She thinks that a good school does not mean that her son will be much better than others in the future. She still had to rely on herself, nothing to show off. Admission to Tsinghua University is of course a very pleasant experience, but this is only an experience and cannot be a lifelong label. He was very grateful to his mother for teaching him ordinaryness. Although my mother is an ordinary rural woman who does not read much, she has taught him a lot.

"There are too many voices in this world, both good and bad, don't worry about it, be yourself", faced with the doubts of some netizens, Cheng Shuai won't take it too seriously, because his mother once told him that it is best to be yourself of. A rural woman has such insights, and netizens have praised them: Moms are awesome, good moms have produced great children ...

Cheng Shuai, admitted to Tsinghua University, is more diligent than before, and he often draws pictures late into the night. His efforts also bear fruit. At the 3rd International Conference on Lens Sustainable Design, there were a total of 10 award-winning papers worldwide, and there were only two in China, including one of his.

In fact, this smiling and successful boy has an unbearable past, and now he speaks out in the video. Cheng Shuai revealed that he had been bullied on campus, and his friend who bullied him in junior high school made another person apologize to him. Cheng Shuai said that he had forgotten how the classmate bullied him at that time, because 80% of the students in that class had participated in bullying at that time. He was robbed of bamboo mats and mosquito nets and was not allowed to enter the class. Many people even hit him. "Why should I forgive them? I'm not a sage. If I weren't born optimistic, three years would change my life. The school bully couldn't stand it. He ruined the lives of many children. I won't forgive them."

Many netizens said that they like Cheng Shuai not only because he has a clear position, but also because he has a positive outlook. He has declined four invitations to television shows, rejected all commercials, and has not broadcast a live broadcast for the purpose of receiving gifts. Some netizens asked him why he didn't want gifts for live broadcasts. Is there no shortage of money, and some people think he pretended to be high-quality.

Faced with questions, Cheng Shuai said such a sentence, "Of course I lack money, but I have nothing to do. I personally think that every penny should be made clear and well-founded. I have no cost to shoot videos. Nor has it created any great value for the majority of Douyin users and provided any services, so what qualifications do I have for everyone to ask for gifts and money ... "This attitude made many netizens chant.

"You are really a clear stream in the live broadcast world", "A clear boy" ... His behavior is indeed worthy of praise from netizens.

The winter and summer vacation is the busiest time for Cheng Shuai. When the school is closed, he will rush to Zhengzhou to start work. In his spare time, he also shares his life in short videos. He said that the purpose of shooting short videos is simple: I like such a purposeless way to record and share my life status, work status, study status, and share my friends and life feelings.

"During this period, I thought about giving up sharing short videos, but many netizens left a message saying that they would feel better after watching my video, which became the motivation for me to continue recording videos. I am very grateful for the platform that Douyin made me real "Record your life" ... It doesn't matter what you take away from this world, what matters is what you can leave for this world.

By shooting a short video, Cheng Shuai recorded and shared his real life, which preserved his memory and found a space for relaxation and expression for himself. At the same time, he also inspired a lot of people to work hard and live hard, telling them to be an extreme, pure and free people, do not perfunctory on any day of life.