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University student Li Qin blinded his right eye for 18 years, driving dozens of students to start a business "You just need to put down your efforts and leave the rest for time"


Lin Fei China Youth Daily · China Youth Network reporter Lei Yu

When most of his peers rushed to major job fairs to find work, two mobile phones of Li Jinlong, a senior student at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, had to be turned on 24 hours to manage four companies with multiple business lines covering multiple provinces and cities. This is the daily life of this 23-year-old entrepreneur.

Li Jinlong's life dictionary was once filled with the hardships of life.

Li Jinlong was born in a remote mountain village in Longxi, Gansu. On the twenty-ninth day of the twelfth year of the twelfth year of the lunar month, the family sat around the buns, and the naughty little Jinlong secretly held scissors to play while his mother was not paying attention, and accidentally pierced his eyes ...

After two operations, the family was heavily in debt. Li Jinlong's right eye still could not see the text in the book, he always closed his eyes in the sun. He often had to endure people's unusual eyes and was even nicknamed the "one-eyed dragon" by his classmates.

But his life dictionary is full of strength.

Li Jinlong's father opened a veterinary drug store in the town to support the family's livelihood. Since his childhood, Li Jinlong has followed his father to learn to give doctors an injection in livestock. When his father is not at home, whoever's piglet becomes ill, Li Jinlong can “call out” with his medicine box on his back. When he went to middle school in town, he helped his father contact the manufacturers to order medicines and deliver goods. In his teens, he became the pillar of the family.

In addition, Li Jinlong has excellent grades from elementary school to university, and is often selected as the monitor.

In 2016, Li Jinlong was admitted to the School of Public Management of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. In order to save travel expenses, he resolutely refused to let his father send him and took a 20-hour train to Wuhan alone. Looking at Jiangcheng at 2 in the morning, Li Jinlong secretly resolved: "During college, we should make money to support ourselves, achieve economic independence, and reduce the burden on our father's shoulders."

After learning about Li Jinlong's family situation, the school teacher provided him with a work-study position and helped him apply for a living allowance of 300 yuan per month. However, in order to save money, Li Jinlong ate three yuan and one dime for a meal every day. Over time, the aunt in the cafeteria knew this poor child and would give him more food every time.

Li Jinlong, who wants to achieve economic independence as soon as possible, has not missed any opportunity to make money. In his freshman year, Li Jinlong worked as a driving school agent, sold freshman supplies and phone cards. He also promoted apps and worked as a tutor. In the third month of school, he told his father that he no longer needed to pay for his living.

As a freshman, Deng Hanhui, the dean of the School of Entrepreneurship, guided Li Jinlong's class to conduct a survey. At six o'clock every morning, as the monitor, he dragged several suitcases of research supplies and took his classmates to the community by subway to the bus for a questionnaire survey.

Winter is cold in Wuhan, and some students are reluctant to go near the end of the semester. Li Jinlong completed the investigation report every night and convinced everyone to overcome the difficulties of getting up early and reviewing at the end of the semester. He worked almost every night until one or two o'clock and lost within five days.

Li Jinlong's outstanding ability and tenacity have won high praise from teachers. Deng Hanhui recommended him to Li Shuai and Chen Ken, who were entrepreneurs at the time, and was responsible for operating Mercator Business Services Co., Ltd. as a third-party social survey service. Prior to that, Li Jinlong had registered a company to do cell phone repairs on campus. However, due to the strong mobility of the campus team, the 20-member team didn't have long after only two people.

Under the guidance of Chen Ken, Li Jinlong started by writing a project book and organized a group of entrepreneurial partners.

Li Jinlong gradually brought out his own small team, and they launched a smart cloud point recycling terminal-"Hua Clean and Green Smart Campus". Students earn points through waste classification, and use points or cash to link business consumption scenarios such as washing machines, self-service vending machines, and bus card recharge. The novel and earth-friendly green environmental protection concept and business model were quickly accepted by all parties.

Li Jinlong took this project to participate in large and small competitions, and constantly modified and improved it. In September 2018, this team stood out from more than 70 teams in the third “CCB Cup” National Financial Institutions Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, and won the Grand Prix and Best Popularity Award in one fell swoop.

He seized the opportunity to promote college. Starting from several washing machines, the project has been developed through bidding to 11 cities, more than 30 colleges and universities, and more than 7,000 washing machines. Not long ago, this team even won the self-service laundry business of a 60,000 large factory in Chengdu.

The success of Wah Kee Lee made Li Jinlong gradually go from a "confidence" to an "ambition". He ventured into online education, entrepreneurship and incubation.

The Li Jinlong team paid attention to the gaps in the domestic insurance research consulting field, and proposed the idea of doing an online insurance research consulting project. They then set up an app, public account, applet, etc. to provide one-on-one counseling to the target college for students who want to study. At present, this project covers hundreds of colleges and universities, accumulating more than 10,000 students to match the target colleges, and can have a turnover of tens of millions of yuan a year.

Except for starting a business, the young man did not delay his studies. In the third year of college, he ranked second in professional performance and ranked first in comprehensive performance. As a result, he received a national scholarship and a model for the University's three good students.

He said that he enjoyed such a sense of accomplishment, "influencing and changing people around him through his own efforts."

Gong Mingzhu, a junior student at the School of Public Management, founded the school ’s “Eating, Drinking, Fun, and Fun Alliance” to share tips on eating, drinking, and fun around the campus, which attracted more than 8,000 fans in less than a year. In the early days, Li Jinlong asked her to join her own project, and encouraged her to make bold trials and errors by learning to write, plan, and play. Gong Mingzhu said: "Brother's experience is very rich. After each exchange, he can point out the problem, which makes me feel open and cheerful."

Li Jinlong has successively won honorary titles such as "National Top 100 Heroes in Entrepreneurship for College Students ", "Star of Self-improvement for Chinese College Students", "Star of Self-improvement for Hubei University Students in 2018" and other honorary titles. He was grateful for the guidance and help of his brother on the road of entrepreneurship, and he wanted to continue this entrepreneurial model of "passing and helping" and let interested people participate. Including team members, more than 60 college students have become college student makers under the guidance of Li Jinlong.

Since Li Jinlong went to college, he only asked his parents for 2,000 yuan for living expenses. Now he has bought a car and house for his family in the town. Every time he stood in the spotlight, Li Jinlong would share with his young classmates his life motto that he firmly believed in and practiced: "All you need to do is to lower your head and work hard. The rest is time."

December 26, Wuhan