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Eco-environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition for College Students in the Province ends in 2019

Recently, hosted by the Environmental Professional Cooperation Committee of General Undergraduate Universities of Anhui Province, Anhui University of Technology and Anhui Environmental Protection Publicity and Education Center co-hosted the 2019 "Tongxing Cup" Anhui University Student Eco-Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Final successfully held at Anhui University of Technology . The president of Anhui University of Technology Wei Xianwen and the chief engineer of the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment Sun Yanhui attended the closing ceremony and presented awards to the winners. After the competition, 10 first prizes, 17 second prizes and 29 third prizes were selected.
This competition is based on the theme of "Country Revitalization Strategy and Ecological Civilization Construction", and is an environmental protection competition designed around the efficient use of resources, ecological environmental protection, pollution prevention and restoration, etc., and aims to stimulate the potential of university students' innovation and creativity and strengthen the practice of university students. Cultivation of ability, innovation and entrepreneurship, and group cooperation. The competition is divided into two parts, the preliminary and the final. The works involve three categories: new product development, new process design, and creative design. The preliminary competition received a total of 92 works, including 30 new design works, 26 new product development works, and 36 creative design works. The organizer organized experts to set up a judging group and conducted an online judging (anonymous, avoidance principle) of all 92 entries submitted, and finally 37 entries entered the finals. The finals lasted for one day. More than 200 teachers and students from 16 universities were selected from across the province. They competed in three categories (new process design, new product development and creative design). After the competition, 10 first prizes, 17 second prizes and 29 third prizes were selected.
Original title: "The Provincial Eco-Environmental Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest of the University in 2019 Ended"