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College students "burdock"


On December 12, the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center, Binhai Avenue, Haikou City, Hainan Province, was crowded with people. The 2019 China (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Products Winter Fair opens here.

Cheng Yuxu, member of the Chengmai County CPPCC, is extremely busy. A few days before the exhibition, he led the team to set up the exhibition nervously-Cai Yuxu, who is highly keen on the market, will never miss this opportunity.

In 2016, Cai Yuxu, who has worked in Beijing for nearly 20 years, decided to give up his generous treatment and returned to his hometown to raise cattle. Under his leadership, nearly 3,000 poor households in the surrounding areas got rid of poverty.

In the eyes of the folks, Cai Yuxu jumped out of the "agricultural gate" through the college entrance examination and lived a metropolitan life in Beijing. This is a typical successful case of a beautiful turn of the children of the farmer.

"We are all surprised, he is taking a risk!" Said Xu Mingxun, Cai Yuxu's middle school classmate.

"At first I wanted to give it a try. I saw that so many people trusted him, and I joined." Cai Yuxu's entrepreneurial partner Lai Peng gave up his career in Shenzhen and joined the entrepreneurial team.

The original intention of returning home to start a business is not only to let go of the elderly parents, but also a "change the appearance of the hometown". In his eyes, Cai Yuxu loved the hometown's water and grass. In the eyes of the countryside, industry is the key to development. His hometown is a traditional cattle breeding base, and there are a group of talents with rich cattle breeding experience. The cattle breeding industry has become his option.

After returning home, Cai Yuxu established a cooperative to apply for the registration of the Chengmai Huiniu trademark, absorbing 83 poor households in Ruixi Town, and jointly developing the small yellow cattle breeding industry.

Cai Yuxu helped a poor household to purchase 17 small yellow cattle in a village in Ruixi Town and built a cowshed. Soon, several calves became ill. Cai Yuxu visited animal husbandry experts and cattle-raising experts; he bought books and taught himself, "The principle of doing things is to do well, and we must not let it go." After unremitting efforts, the cattle of poor households were treated. Cai Yuxu also became an expert in cattle raising.

Chengmai County Party Committee and County Government learned of Cai Yuxu's return to raising cattle, and expressed his willingness to vigorously support his career development. In 2018, Cai Yuxu and 4 other returning college students founded a cattle breeding base and registered Hainan Huiniu Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd.

With the support of the local party committee and government, Cai Yuxu transformed the local small cattle into a new Chengmai brand, and launched a "one-stop" service for production, marketing, slaughtering and distribution, and the industry is getting bigger and bigger. At present, there are about 500 small yellow cattle on the breeding base. He has helped nearly 3,000 poor families in 795 households get out of poverty, and surrounding farmers are rushing to join his entrepreneurial team.

"In just two years, the cattle he raised ranged from a dozen to a hundred, and he turned from a layman into an expert in cattle raising!" Tang Gan, a cattle raising technician at the base, was amazed.

After becoming a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), he even regarded his thoughts and concerns as the spokesperson of the people as his responsibility and mission.

Based on his experience of returning home to start a business, he wrote "Recommendations on Encouraging College Students to Return to Home and Start Businesses, Helping Promote Poverty Alleviation", and called for a pattern of poverty alleviation for special poverty alleviation, industry poverty alleviation, and social poverty alleviation to attract Chengmai students who return home Start a business. The proposal was valued and adopted by relevant departments. Chengmai County took the lead in setting up entrepreneurship support funds for college students in the province, and issued the "Measures for the Management of Pilot Agricultural Finance Loans in Chengmai County." At present, more than 2,900 college students have returned to their hometowns to start their own businesses. Nearly 40 returning college students have registered their own brands to develop sophisticated and efficient agriculture and cultural tourism industries, stimulating nearly 200 million yuan in entrepreneurial funds and solving the employment problem of nearly 4,000 people.

He submitted a proposal calling for attention to the education of children of poor households, blocking the intergenerational transmission of poverty, and taking the initiative to set up a poverty alleviation education foundation with partners and alumni of the Hainan People's Congress Alumni Association to do their best to help solve the problems of children from poor families going to school and entrepreneurship. . He is concerned about the revitalization of the countryside, and recommends returning home to start college students, helping the countryside revitalize, keeping the good ecology of the countryside, strengthening the improvement of the living environment, making plans, giving play to advantages, creating industries, upgrading the taste, and promoting the construction of beautiful countryside. These proposals have received a positive response from relevant departments.

Not long ago, Liu Cigui, the secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, conducted a survey in Chengmai County, and highly appreciated the practice of Chengmai County in launching college students to return to their hometowns to start their own businesses and develop industries such as specialty breeding, develop bed and breakfasts, and build beautiful villages. Liu Zigui ordered Cai Yuxu and his friends from colleges and universities to return to their hometowns for entrepreneurship to be down-to-earth, step by step, and realize their beautiful ideals in the construction of beautiful countryside.