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Information | Defense of College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project


Original title: Information | College Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project Defense

Defense of University Students' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Project

In order to encourage and encourage students to actively participate in entrepreneurship and innovation, and carry forward the spirit of innovation, the Department of Power Engineering launched a defense of student innovation and entrepreneurship projects in the eleven a118 and a119 classrooms on October 26, 2019. Zhang Lei, deputy director of our department, Zhou Shuo, secretary of the Youth League Committee, professor Wu Zhengren, Liu Yingguang, Liu Lu, lecturer Ma Kai, and Fu Wenfeng, etc., served as judges for this reply.

(The panel is seated and ready to speak)

Pleadings will be held in the morning and afternoon, and 66 items will be initially determined after the project is set up in the morning, and mid-term and final pleadings will be held in the afternoon. During the defense, the students introduced the background and innovation of the project, as well as the problems encountered in the research process and the future development direction. The judges present questioned the feasibility and cost budget of the project, and gave valuable guidance for subsequent research. At the end, the students reported their project results through PPT and physical exhibitions. It is worth mentioning that many of these project results have obtained patent certificates, and their papers have also been published on academic websites. The achievements they have also achieved Encourage students who are still in the research stage to work harder on the project.

(The judges give advice on the direction of development)

After a day of defense activities, each project team has a deeper understanding of their own projects and has also received many constructive opinions. This activity fully mobilized the students' innovative thinking, improved their scientific literacy, and laid a good foundation for their future employment.

Graphic from reporter station

Photographed by Tang Senyi and Wu Chaohang

Contributed by Zhang Ruimin, Ju Qian, Fu Jiawang

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