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The First Chinese Future Anthropologists and Leading Scholars Symposium Talks About the Charm of Anthropology


Guangming News (Reporter Li Mengzhu) "What is Anthropology" and "How to Look at the World from the Perspective of Anthropology" ... Recently, at the first co-sponsored by the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology of Nanjing University, the French Intercultural Communication Association and the Yiming Culture At the symposium of Chinese future anthropologists and leading scholars, a number of well-known anthropologists and young scholars at home and abroad discussed the subject of the subject in light of the current state of social development.

Fan Ke, vice president of the Chinese Anthropological Association, said that anthropology has not only high application value in the fields of commerce, education, art, medical treatment, etc., but also rapid development of today's high-tech, Internet +, artificial intelligence, the world of things, globalization The new era of continuous change and modernization has more building significance of a cornerstone nature.

Wang Chuanchao, the director, professor and doctoral tutor of the Institute of Anthropology of Xiamen University, answered “What is anthropology” from the perspective of physical anthropology, saying that in daily life, anthropology can answer “where does humanity come from” from a biological perspective. Questions, such as answering how our appearance characteristics change through comparative analysis, can also be used to identify crime scenes, and can be combined with biomedical technologies to study biodiversity; from a broader perspective, it helps to trace The entire history of mankind.

"Anthropology is a particularly fun and interesting subject." Zhang Fan, an assistant professor in the sociology department of Peking University, described the "charm" of anthropology. A travel experience many years ago made her keenly interested in Sino-Tibetan relations, and later used it as her academic research direction. Zhang Fan believes that anthropology can help us better explore the unique charm of social culture and explain the differences. This difference not only helps to better understand the world around us, but also draws on individual identity construction and social culture. And transportation are also positive.

Qiu Yu, a lecturer at the School of Ethnology and Sociology of the Central University for Nationalities, hopes that people will learn to understand themselves and others in anthropological way of thinking, and create a kind of "lubricant" that eliminates interpersonal boundaries, thereby achieving a sense of intimacy.

It is worth noting that this forum also provided a platform for self-exhibition for outstanding high school students. High school students from multiple schools focused on the theme of "What's the use of anthropology today?", Delivered a speech combining social hotspots and life observations, reflecting their multi-dimensional observation and care for social development and human destiny. In the scholar's conversation, a spark of thought came into being.

"We have also launched a series of" Future X Scholars "comprehensive practical courses, corresponding to the nine major humanities and social science curriculum systems of the university. They focus on humanistic education and academic training for high school students, helping more Chinese youths pay attention to humanities and social sciences. Category field. "Pan Wang, general manager of Yiming Culture said.

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