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"Job Searcher" welcomes new faces in the workplace


Original title: "Job Searcher" welcomes new faces in the workplace

Original title: "Job Searcher" welcomes new faces in the workplace like Zhu Yilong

Since the nation ’s first online job show “Job Seeker”, which is the first job seeker to choose a boss, has been heatedly debated by netizens since it was broadcast on August 11. In the third program of "Job Seeker", Koala Reading founder and CEO Zhao Zichun, the founder of Coffee Wing Yin Feng, Zhang Sai, chairman of Yifei Automation Technology Co., Ltd., Du Zijian, chairman of Shanghai Insight Culture Media, and K-EMS founder Jin Xin and Yantu Education CEO Kang Li struck strong, bringing multiple positions in various industries including culture, arts, technology, and media; while job seekers led by chief recommendation officers Zhang Xuefeng, Liu Huizhang, Xia Aoyang, and Zhang Soya It is to make the stage bright and colorful, everyone has a skill point, waiting for the bosses to "gaze with gold."

Duplicated Zhu Yilong Appears on the Show

As a junior student, Zhao Xiaochen used his politeness and modest temperament to make all guests present at the scene like a spring breeze. His handsome appearance was also called "a copy of Zhu Yilong" by other job applicants. Born in the countryside, he did not have the starting line of "returnees" and suffered the damage brought by his native family, but he still did not change the optimistic and cheerful mentality of this sunny boy. Zhao Xiaochen already has a variety of work experience in human resources and consulting assistants in the three years of university. In the program, it also won the favor of Koala Reading founder Zhao Zichun, and provided a job with sufficient "dignity". In the face of such promising young people, Kang Li, the CEO of Yantu Education, generously handed out his olive branch, and even more bluntly, "the chance of taking Zhao Xiaochen himself is 100%." This high-quality job seeker who can rely on his face, but on the strength, will choose which boss?

Yin Feng, the founder of Coffee Wing, refused to work in the workplace.

If there are tens of thousands of reasons for being single, one of them must be that the dating circle is too small, and there are too few channels to know the opposite sex, so office romance is often the case. Regarding office romance, everyone has different opinions on this, and has mixed opinions. In the program, Yin Feng, the founder of Coffee Wing, shared his views on workplace love: strictly prohibited. She believes that forbidding office love in the public and private is to protect everyone. If two people have a love relationship at work, it will affect the normal evaluation of other people's work; and if two people talk about work at work, they also talk about work at home. , Then life will become nothing new. Yin Feng's view was approved by most people at the scene. Job seeker Ren Qiujia was even more upset about this. He confessed that his last emotional experience was office romance. The ex-boyfriend can be called an "office scum boy". Affect their work mood. What kind of experience can make a gentle and optimistic girl like this? What kind of job seeker Yin Feng would like to have in the workplace?

(Responsible editor: Jiang Bo, Ding Tao)