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College students' "revenge staying up late" in summer vacation: the more you stay up late, the more excited you are


(Reporter Li Huaxi intern reporter Jiang Yujun Lu Shiming) Just in the summer vacation, I just passed the nervousness of the final review exams, without the pressure of academic courses, some college students became "night party" during the summer. Some of them stay up late and get more excited, and they ca n’t fall asleep when they see the content they like; some use their mobile phones all night long until they feel unwell and affect their health. Faced with the "revenge staying up late" summer party of the "Stay Up Late Party", college teachers believe that staying up late is a "drug addiction" that releases anxiety among college students and should be adjusted in a timely manner.

The scene when Wang Xian stays up late for a variety show. Photo courtesy The scene when Wang Xian stays up late for a variety show. Photo courtesy

I ca n’t sleep when I see something I like

Anhui Siyi, a freshman girl in Jiangxi, is a "chaser". Her favorite novels are usually updated around two in the middle of the night. In order to see the latest content in time, staying up late has become her summer routine. In addition to chasing articles in the middle of the night, her nightlife also includes chasing dramas, writing manuscripts, and watching night scenes ... it can be described as "rich".

"There are classes in the first quarter of the school in the morning, and I stay up late at night. I don't have this worry in the summer vacation. I must make up for the night I didn't stay up before." "People's happiness", in her "summer vacation dictionary", there is no word "morning", but only "bujue". At school, Jiang Siyi slept relatively early. In her words, it was "the frustration of those who had the first class in the morning."

"Opening the floor-to-ceiling window, blowing the night wind to see the night view is a summer." Jiang Siyi said with a smile. She also revealed to reporters that she had stayed up all night at the latest, from watching the hit drama "Dear Devotion" to the weekly drama "Kyushu Record", from visiting b station to brushing Weibo, she was wearing a mask, Eating watermelon and sitting by the window until 2 in the morning, until the net post is updated.

Jiang Siyi said that one night, after reading the online article, it was already 3 am, and just as she was about to go to bed, a Weibo about idols excited her. "I was going to go to 'Aidou' Weibo to sleep after signing up, and it turned out to be a surprise!" Jiang Siyi said, when I saw a suit photo of the idol on Weibo, the shooting angle was very similar to the wedding scene waiting The bridegroom officer appeared, so Jiang Siyi made up a novel about male stars and female artists in his mind. "Because I want to get more excited, I always think of dawn."

I ca n’t sleep excitedly when I see what I like. Finishing the variety shows and movies that I didn't watch during school is the main thing that Wang Xian, a junior boy, stays up all night. Wang Xian told reporters that staying up late in the summer is an unconscious thing. When he sees a variety show he likes, he wants to watch it all at once. After watching a movie, he feels not addicted and wants to continue watching. "Usually stay up late until 1 or 2 in the morning, when you are really sleepy, you will fall asleep."

Wang Xian attended a college in Heilongjiang Province and usually went to bed around 11pm when he was in school. He said that during normal schooling, due to study and work, he must have a good condition, so he would usually force himself to rest as soon as possible, forming a benign The biological clock treats daily learning and work.

But as soon as the holidays, without urgent work and study for him to deal with, Wang Xian's control of himself will continue to relax. "Without the pressure of getting up the next day, staying up late for variety shows, watching videos, and so on will follow." Wang Xian admitted that he had no need to get up early in the summer vacation. If he fell asleep late, he would have a good sleep the next day.

Staying up late in the summer can cause skin deterioration, mental weakness, and physical discomfort

"I feel that my skin is obviously worse after staying up late!" Chen Jingye, a student at Jimei University, stated that she had stayed up late since summer vacation and did not fall asleep earlier than 1am. Staying up so often makes her feel that her skin is getting worse and she can't lose weight. "Skin care and diet control seem to be ineffective before staying up late."

Although I stay up late every day, when I think about staying up late, Chen Jing page can't say what he did. Take a look at WeChat, brush Weibo, and stroll around ... Chen Jingpage spends his time on a mobile phone from a "compassion" to another online community. "Although I stayed up late, but I didn't know what to do and could not calm down, I brushed these 'fast food' news randomly." She told reporters about her distress.

Chen Jingpage always felt that he had too little time in the evening. After dinner, he chatted with his family, exercised, dealt with school affairs, and washed. It was already 12 o'clock after finishing these. "At this time, I will feel that I am too hard, and I have to give myself a bit of time to play online." But she also reflected that she should work regularly.

Coincidentally, Li Zhiyuan, a college student in a certain Lanzhou university, always felt that he couldn't fight well in the past few days. It turned out that it was also because of staying up late to bring bad effects on his body.

In mid-July, Li Zhiyuan returned to Urumqi, his hometown from school, and had a barbecue with friends for more than ten consecutive days and "opened the black" to play games. Li Zhiyuan said that at school he had been restrained for too long, especially after the final exam week, and the intense review tasks were overwhelming, so he had already scheduled an appointment to go home for a barbecue.

"Barbecue is bought with friends to do it yourself. Several people eat and talk, and then order a little wine. They will team up to play the hottest chicken mobile games recently." Li Zhiyuan and his friends usually party from 11pm In the beginning, the more people eat the longer. "When I go home, it's usually more than 2 am. The last time I stayed with 8 friends until 6 am, which is basically overnight."

At first, Li Zhiyuan thought that after staying up at night, he slept beautifully during the day, and nothing happened after waking up in the afternoon. Until recently, he always felt that he couldn't hold his spirits, his bags under his eyes were obvious, his skin was dull, and he couldn't eat anything when he got a meal. After feeling the discomfort, Li Zhiyuan stopped staying up late in time. He said that he was no longer able to stay up late. "I won't stay up so long in the future."

College Teachers: Staying up late is a "drug addiction" that releases anxiety and should be adjusted in a timely manner

Wu Shugao, a full-time member of the League Committee of Guangdong Medical University, believes that "revenge staying up late" has become a more common phenomenon among college students. Although young college students are well aware of the damage caused by staying up late, they stay up late to make up for the unmet needs that are usually met, thereby obtaining pleasure and satisfaction, and resisting the anxiety and psychological imbalance. When they couldn't find a better way to resist anxiety, staying up late became their "drug addiction" to release anxiety.

Wu Shugao said that "revenge staying up late" is a vicious circle. Due to lack of sleep at night, the brain cells did not get enough rest, which led to the phenomenon of dizziness and inattention during the day, which greatly reduced the efficiency of doing things during the day. In his view, "revenge staying up late" is actually an act of overcompensation and is sacrificing one's health.

Regarding the phenomenon of staying up late in summer vacation for college students, Wu Shugao gave his own suggestions. Youths who "revenge staying up late" are often accompanied by procrastination. These young college students staying up late should reflect on their daytime conditions. "College students should plan their time, make a list of what they have to do every day, find their 'procrastination' in time, and make adjustments as soon as possible. They should not stay up late." (At the request of the interviewee, Wen Zhongjiang Siyi, Wang Xian, Chen Jingye, and Li Zhiyuan are pseudonyms)