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Binzhou holds the fourth "Mayor's Cup" campus football league and the award ceremony of the 2019 campus football U9-U17 elite hegemony


Award ceremony scene

Awards for coaches who have been awarded "Excellent Coach"

Public Network · Poster News Binzhou December 13 ( Reporter Zhang Shuang ) On the morning of December 13, the 4th "Mayor's Cup" Campus Football League, 2019 Campus Football U9-U17 Elite Championship Competition Award Ceremony was held at Binzhou Experimental School The South Campus held the awards for the teams that won the first and second place and the athletes, coaches and units that won the "Golden Boot Award", "Best Player", "Excellent Coach", and "Sports Ethics Award".

Bin Qing, deputy mayor of Binzhou City, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. Li Hui, Chairman of the Municipal Football Association, Wang Xueyong, Deputy Director of the Municipal Education Bureau, Wang Daoyi, Deputy Director of the Municipal Sports Bureau, Gao Guirong, President of the Binzhou Experimental School, Zhao Xuejun, Vice President of the Binzhou Experimental School, and Vice Chairman of the Municipal Football Association Zhang Jinming and Han Jianbin, director of the Municipal Sports Administration's Foot Management Center, participated in the event and presented awards to the award-winning individuals and units. The award ceremony was presided over by Liu Chunguo, director of the Binzhou Education Bureau.

Awards to the winning team representatives

Photo of the winning players

In his speech, Pan Qing said that as a "national youth campus football reform pilot zone", Binzhou City has always adhered to the development concept of "based on popularization, physical fitness, training of patriotism, collectivism, and tenacious fighting spirit among young people", and continually consolidated the "four major System "to promote the reform of campus football. At present, the city has established more than 1,000 football clubs and more than 8,000 class football teams, and established 111 national youth campus football special schools, with 190,000 students participating in football activities. The "Starry Sky" elite training camp has been approved by the Ministry of Education. In 2019, Binzhou City successfully hosted many national and provincial campus football matches, and won the U10 Men's Championship in the Shandong Provincial Football Championship. She hopes that the students will sum up their experience, make persistent efforts, inherit the charm of football, and experience a wonderful life!

According to reports, the event was hosted by the Binzhou Municipal People's Government, co-organized by the Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Sports Bureau, and Municipal Football Association, and co-organized by the Binzhou Education and Sports Bureau, Binzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone Education Bureau, Beizhen Middle School, and Binzhou Experimental School. In 2019, the fourth "Mayor's Cup" campus football league in Binzhou began on April 27 and ended on July 18. It lasted for nearly 4 months and was selected by sub-division. A total of 10 groups, 201 A team of 3580 players entered the finals. The 2019 campus football U9-U17 elite hegemony ended on December 8 and a total of 16 groups, 150 teams and 2640 players participated. The holding of these two events has strongly promoted the extensive development of Binzhou campus football and school sports activities, and also made a positive contribution to the vigorous development of Binzhou campus football.