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Strength competition! "Host Contest" 12 players compete for the last 30 seats in the top 30


As a show that has continued to attract attention since its inception, the "CCTV Hosts Contest 2019" is about to usher in the last game of the first stage. So far, the program has collected more than 70 related hot searches on the platform, and the total reading of related topics has exceeded 4.4 billion. The fourth issue was officially broadcast on CCTV ’s comprehensive channel, and the TV ’s real-time attention broke through 2, ranking first in the same period, showing its influence and popularity. Netizens said that they felt positive energy in the show, "there is connotation and depth, this program brings me satisfaction and moving" "The more I watch the more addictive, the ears and soul are baptized, and I look forward to the birth of the top 30 nations."

At 20 o'clock this Saturday night, the fifth issue of the CCTV Hosts Contest 2019 will be broadcast on CCTV's integrated channel. The six news players Tian Yinnan, Guo Jianing, Wang Jianing, Qi Jingwen, Gao Fan and Yang An, and six literary players Liu Huining, Ma Huijuan, Chu Xiao, Liu Mengyao, Li Shuang and Miao Lin used multiple perspectives and personalities. Express the youthful style of the new generation host. Yu Hong said: "The first round of the game is nearing the end, and the professional background of the players is more diverse, which adds a wonderful and charm to the stage." Twelve players will be in the host Sa Benin, commentator Dong Qing and Lu Jian, Under the collective witness of 17 professional reviewers and 400 online public reviewers, the last 6 of the top 30 in the country will be strived for in the best state.


(Moderator Sabenin)


(Review guests Dong Qing, Lu Jian)


(Twelve contestants in the fifth period)

Post-90s contestants share anti-fraud "Treasure Book" with rap, 22-year-old girl talks with herself "over time and space"

24-year-old Wang Jianing has been in the industry for 3 years and has always been on the front line of news, staying close to every living person behind the news in the streets and alleys, growing up in news broadcasts, reporter interviews, and live connections. In the three-minute self-show session, Wang Jianing extended the topic of “the elderly are the hardest hit areas by deception” to the companion's truth by playing a scam phone recording, and summed up the anti-fraud “Treasure” with rap, reminding everyone to be “more patient, Two more explanations, three more enthusiasm. " This expression of temperature has been praised as "especially friendly and well-controlled."


(News player Wang Jianing)

The 22-year-old Li Shuang was ingenious and had a "trans-temporal" dialogue with himself at the scene. Four years ago, she sowed the seeds of her dreams in her heart. Now she is a senior voice intern in early news, and hosted the dream with Huaiyu. In the three-minute self-show, Li Shuang started from what he saw during his work at 4 am every day, and shared the aerial worker— "Spider Man" shuttled high in the city every morning to polish the story of the struggle of each building. Dong Qing thinks her way of telling is very clever: "You find a very unique way to have a dialogue with yourself in the past and future."


(Artist Li Shuang)

Tian Yinan, only 22 years old, has profound insight and thinking about news events. In the three-minute self-presentation, he brought his unique perspective on "education". He believed that preaching by word is better than spending money to make up lessons, and that fluent expression won Lu Jian's affirmation that "it is frustrating and lively." Speaking of the view that "parents are the best teachers for their children," Tian Yinnan described his father's support for his own physical performance on the road of hosting, and the players in the same field said with emotion: "Finally, the focus is on myself, which is particularly clever."


(Newsman Tian Yinnan)

Country show host feels tenderness while walking, Tsinghua talented woman redefines "thirties while standing"

The host of "Village Night Talk", Gao Fan, has been in the industry for 4 years, and has spread his footsteps in almost all the rural areas of the province. He has encountered many "interesting souls". He interviewed the director of Shijiezi Village Art Museum Jin Le in 2017. He learned that the artist sold all his possessions and raised funds, and invited friends to change the village's appearance in modern art and build the first concrete road for his hometown. At the scene, he reviewed the experience with a three-minute narrative, and the modest expression made everyone unbearable. Lu Jian said: "His talent and sense of humor are shown in walking and interviews, and he saw his love for life behind it."

(News player Gao Fan)

Liu Huining, who has a dual master's degree in literature and engineering from Tsinghua University, believes that expression is a centralized externalization of personal personality, thinking mode, and life. In the three-minute self-exhibition session, Liu Huining defined “thirties while standing” from different perspectives. At the same time, at the age of 30, she did not forget to think about her dream chasing process, and expressed her willingness to use love and years to come to a long game. Dong Qing thinks that the theme of her self-documentation is very meaningful: "The topic of" thirties and standing "is well selected, and many people of your age will be attracted at once, and you will feel that you are one and would like to hear you. Say what."

(Artist Liu Huining)

Yang An, who graduated with a bachelor's degree in medicine and obtained a master's degree in law and a doctorate degree, chose to engage in the work of broadcasting. In the three-minute self-exhibition session, he integrated the discipline of Marxism, which he studied in his own blog, into a narrative, so that everyone can understand youth Marx from a new perspective. "I think Yang An is the 'cross-border king' in this contestant." Lu Jian believes that his personalized expression reflects a solid professional foundation. Chu Xiao, a practitioner of new media, once escorted from a French department to a master's degree at the School of Journalism at Renmin University of China, and went to Switzerland to study sociology. At the competition site, she used plant paintings, flowers, and other props to marry her and painter Zeng Xiaoyu's common love for flowers to create a picturesque and beautiful mood. Her emotional narrative made Dong Qing feel "some warmth in her voice."

(News player Yang An)

(Artist Chu Xiao)

Shan Tianfang's disciple hosted the storytelling and competed for the final promotion.

"Wearing north and south wearing a coat and listening to thunder in Yunzheyue." Miao Lin, who has been associated with storytelling since childhood, brought a three-minute self-exhibition with personal characteristics, which was affirmed by Lu Jian. Qu Yifan. For the host, outstanding personality is very important. "In the competition, he presented the late teacher Mr. Shan Tianfang, the master of storytelling, as the" soul "of the storyteller. "We do not insist on it because we see hope, but we see hope on the basis of persistence." Miao Lin, who has explained nearly 1,000 football matches, is determined to continue to adhere to the style of storytelling and inherit this traditional art. His true narrative was praised by Dong Qing as "very emotional". The players in the same field watched his performance and exclaimed: "His eyes are full of light!" As a No. 6 player in the arts category, whether Miao Lin was able to get the last place in the top 30 in the country has attracted much attention from the audience.

(Artist Miao Lin)

Liu Mengyao, who claims to have "eaten 5,000 homes in 10 years and still weighs 98," has been cultivating food for many years. She brought the food to the competition site and took everyone to experience the "taste of the whole spring" with vivid expression. Sabeinin said with a smile: "The audience behind me drooled my neck." Ma Huijuan, who loves opera, uttered a verse in a Peking opera "Pick the Pulley", which led to the life of Wu Wusheng Wang Jinlu devoted himself to art. At the age of 24, she believes that both the Peking Opera actor and the host should be in awe of the stage.

(Artist Liu Mengyao)

(Ma Huijuan)

Sabenin, who has participated in the "Host Contest", witnessed the blooming of different players in this contest and said with emotion: "This game is like this. There are too many moments that make us feel thrilling, and there are too many hidden behind it. We feel subtle. We regret every player who left this stage, but we are also happy for every player left. "

(Moderator Sabenin)

Dong Qing said the contestant's novel statement was impressive, and Lu Jian was praised by the graduate student for his "blood and flesh"

As a guest of comment, Dong Qing and Lu Jian drew quotations, bringing unbiased and fair reviews. They use accurate and accurate dials to guide the players to see and see, to give consideration to both rationality and sensitivity in expression, and to convey the positive energy of society with a sound of temperature.

(News player Guo Jianing)

With 10 years of working experience, Guo Jianing, who participated for the second time, became more confident and calm. In the three-minute self-presentation session, he used "single-person debate" to skillfully integrate historical figures such as Xuan Zang, Pan An, and Zhuang Zi into the narrative. Dong Qing thinks his performance is quite bright: "You make us feel original and very personal. In particular, you have designed such a statement that is both positive and negative, which is different from other news host, this unique Sex makes everyone impress you all at once, which is very valuable. "

(Review guest Dong Qing)

After graduating from college, Qi Jingwen served as a reporter and host, and returned to campus for a master's degree with his thinking about work. He once hosted a classic recitation contest for students at the Lijiang Ethnic Orphan School in Yunnan, set up a radio station, and created opportunities for children to voice their dreams. In this process, Qi Jingwen understood that "focusing on people" is the pursuit and persistence of journalists. Lu Jian believes that he has the foot, eyesight, brainpower, and pen power that a journalist should have: "On the feet, you can feel the life and hope of the local children with dirt on your feet. In this way, your expression is flesh and blood.

责编:杨帆 ] [ Responsible editor: Yang Fan ]