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New sound is coming! The First Campus Song Contest of Fujian Province Starts!

Source: Fujian News Channel
The beginning of 2017,
New Year's Divine Comedy released by the Communist Youth League Central Committee
"This is our generation",
A hiphop positive energy song is popular all over the web
/ Our era our stage
Our generation is lucky
No longer listen to fate
Have your company
I will be more brave to move on /
Does it burn? Is it fried?
I believe
You can be more flaming and deeper!
The First Fujian Original Campus Song Contest
With college teachers and students as the main participants,
Designed to promote and sing good school songs,
Inspire youth dreams, carry forward the spirit of patriotism,
Campus cultural activities that show youthful style,
To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation
The Chinese Dream makes a positive contribution.
Is Cai Siquan gushing?
Please make sure to give full play to the students of Fujian universities
Motivation and creativity
Use songs to describe your aspirations,
Show youth style!
Your talent,
Will not be buried in the slightest,
We are waiting for you here!

Original title: "A new sound is coming! The first Fujian Province Original Campus Song Contest is launched! 》