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Colorful community activities, happy campus life-the backbone training course for the construction of the Children's Palace project in rural schools in the province came to the Guigong Town Central Primary School to guide the work


Original title: Colorful community activities, happy campus life -backbone training courses for the construction of children's palace projects in rural schools in the province came to the Guigong Town Central Primary School to guide the work

弋阳县漆工小学来稿 Source : Contribution from Puyang Lacquer Primary School

Reprinted must indicate the above information

Holding a paintbrush to outline the most beautiful picture in my heart,

Holding the manuscript, recite the classic culture of Langlang catchy,

Freely on the playground like a pony,

Play against your friends on the chessboard ...

It's not hard to see such a lively scene when you walk into the rural youth palace in Qigong Town Central Primary School. The children's palace is not only a learning world for children, but also a "happy castle".

校少年宫活动项目。 On the morning of August 5, 2019, the backbone training course for the construction of the Children's Palace project in rural schools across the province came to the Qigong Town Central Primary School to exchange and guide the activities of the Children's Palace.

In recent years, Lacquer Elementary School attaches great importance to the construction and development of the Children's Palace project, maximizes the school's teaching resources, increases the choice of students' learning, and combines regional culture and student expertise to explore unique projects that meet the needs of student development. Adhering to the tenet of "integrity, dedication, and professionalism", the Children's Palace has carefully created 13 communities for students based on their children's hobbies, specialties, etc .: calligraphy, art, classic reading, maker, dance, chorus, hand-cut paper, martial arts, taekwondo stone Painted etc.

校各个少年宫活动项目,驻足停留,慢慢观赏,对 校少年宫文化的创建与开展给予表扬,并提出了一些宝贵的建议,这些建议能促使 校少年宫项目朝更专业更规范的道路发展。 The key members of the construction of the Children's Palace project in rural schools throughout the province visited the various children 's palace activities in the school , stopped and watched slowly, praised the creation and development of the school 's children 's palace culture, and put forward some valuable suggestions. These suggestions can Promote the school children 's palace project towards a more professional and standardized road.

Children's Palace Project Show

The children in the choir sang cheerful songs and sounded pleasant.

的孩子们和着整齐的韵律,传诵经典之声。 The children of the classic reading room chanted the sound of the classics with the neat rhythm.

Children in the studio are drawing carefully under the guidance of the teacher.

Look, the children in the calligraphy room are really writing carefully!

Little stones have great wisdom, and the children in the stone painting studio have added beautiful looks to ordinary stones.

The children in the handmade room are meticulously sculpting the paintings, engraving exquisite patterns one by one.

The children in the chess room started a wonderful game.

Children and robots play happily in the maker room with the highest technology content.

The little swans in the dance studio are neatly organized and rehearsing carefully.

The children in the computer room are using their imagination to draw beautiful pictures.

The children in the keyboard room played beautiful movements.

If the juvenile is strong, the country is strong. The children of the martial arts club show my Chinese teenager's style on the playground.

The children of the Waist Drum Team hit the drums and were shocked.

The children of bamboo pole dance accompanied by happy music, danced, danced, and happy childhood burst out here.

The community activities provide students with a space to relax their minds and let their minds fly, a stage for talent display. The children came with joy and joy, and returned with a full load. They not only exercised their ability, but also increased their wisdom. The Children's Palace not only enriches the campus culture, but also opens up a paradise for the children. The children have harvested knowledge, skills, and joy here, making the childhood life of children bright and colorful!