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Three major points in "Juvenile School": the heroine is exaggerated, the male leader hates it, and the campus life is too fake


Recently, a version of the ten-beauty drama "Juvenile School" was launched. The play mainly focused on China's educational issues and re-appeared to the audience. In this play, actors Yan Ni and Zhang Jiayi cooperated again, welcoming the audience for the audience.

However, since the play was launched, although the main theme is good, there are still big problems in details. Although the "broken-mouth mother" played by Yan Ni is somewhat enlarged, she can resonate with many people, but her daughter Lin Miao The wonderful setting is really beyond words.

01 Lin Miao wonderful people set too exaggerated

In the play, Lin Miaomiao's person is a child-like figure, who likes to be self-defeating and very noisy. As soon as he entered school, Lin Miaomiao moved the table with Jiang Tianhao because of the cleaning. In the face of the class teacher's specialization of Qian San, Lin Miaomiao pointed to his nose and asked him why you ca n’t move the table. Yes, while she was playing the game, the act of spitting water on others' faces didn't apologize, which made the audience's glasses big. Such a person's operation does not feel like a "bear child" but has a neurotic feeling. He is just crazy and just wants to eat and eat. After a few episodes, Lin Miaomiao feels like a word: noisy .

02 The male lead learns about physical fitness, but the behavior is annoying

I thought Qian Xue would be a low-key, well-mannered person, who would not think so. In the play, the Xue Ba ’s society became a mystery, and the society was cold for a while. In his heart, he wants to show off this kind of excellent feeling in all aspects, and once to win the attention of some people, to achieve his inner vanity.

In order to reflect his academic design in the play, the male lead first used a physics problem to analyze and score on the blackboard to get praise from his classmates. In the face of praise from these classmates, he showed no one in his eyes. Later, Jiang Tianhao won the support of his classmates by using small cleverness and using computers to explode money. Qian went back to work on programming immediately after returning on the night of the night Being able to fight the counter-terrorist elite immediately attracted the attention of the students. In the face of praise, Qian Sanyi started talking about the issue of who is the ruler of humans and microbes. His performance was really arrogant and extreme. What's more, he left five topics for his classmates to show off. How much I know, in short, such behavior makes people not admire him, but disgusting. If this kind of learning tyrant is put into real life, I'm afraid it will be beaten!

03 School Life Leave

In the play, Qian San was specialized by the teacher because he studied well, and when the teacher asked him to get up to answer questions, he did not stand up and answer like other students. He did not respect the teacher. Not only that, Qian Third, he was admitted to the school as the first-time entrance exam. Because he is the first-time entrance exam winner, tuition fees can be waived. What is this logical thinking?

Qian San's school implements a "military management" model, which means that all students in this school must live on campus. But Qian San is an exception. He does n’t need to live at school, it is already shocking. Even more shocking is that although Qian San does not live in school, the school actually left him a bed. The first day of school In the classroom, the class teacher said to students that Qian San was the key protection object of our school. Isn't this fueling campus unhealthy behaviors, but also promoting the unhealthy habit of Qian San?

The play is about high school scenes, and the school in the play plays the title of the best high school in Shanghai. It not only has weekends every week, but also gives students too much time to sleep from Monday to Friday. Students eat in the classroom and ignore them. Which high school is like this, is it not militarized management, is it not treated equally? How can such a culture allow students to study quietly and fight for the college entrance examination?

Well, that's all for today. Regarding the youth drama, you still have your own feelings, so let's share it!