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Xiangtan Unicom Helps Smart Campus Life

Original Title: Xiangtan Unicom Helps Smart Campus Life

Hunan Daily, November 28 (Reporter Zou Jingfang correspondent Liu Yang Peng Rui) "Parents and mothers will be back tonight and go home early after school to do their homework" "Mom bought the book for you today at grandma's house, remember to pick it up from school" ...... This is the scene when the junior high school students of Xiangtan City Motor Junior Middle School take turns reading the parent's message after class.

On November 7, Xiangtan City issued the "Provisions of Xiangtan Education Bureau on Prohibiting Primary and Middle School Students from Using Smartphones in Schools" to implement "one size fits all" for the use of mobile phones by 365,000 primary and middle school students in the city. In order to effectively solve the problems of student communication needs, Xiangtan Unicom launched a pilot cooperation with Xiangji Middle School earlier this year. Xiangji Middle School introduced Xiangtan Unicom's "Smart Campus Card" system in the spring.

The system sets up a message area and a call area on campus. By installing an information display in the corridor of the teaching building, parents send message information on the school's public account platform. The content is displayed on the message screen. When students see their message screen, their name is displayed. , Use "One Card" to read the message. If you need to talk to the parents, you can use the "One Card" to call the parents on the public telephone installed in the call area. At present, the school is equipped with 16 telephones and 2 message display screens, the WeChat binding rate of parents reaches 98.7%, and the average monthly home school news is over 2000. The relevant person in charge of the school introduced that the system effectively meets the communication needs of students in the case of banning the use of mobile phones on campus, and has been recognized by the Municipal Education Bureau, parents and students.

The "Smart Campus All-in-One Card" system integrates campus access, attendance, canteen consumption, calls, and message viewing in one, and combines platform applications such as the school's micro-office website, school style management, style display, notification announcements, and results sending to meet other needs of schools and students.