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Despise Education Digital Solutions Successfully Build "Smart" Campus Life


As artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other technologies are more and more widely empowered in the development and construction of smart campuses, smart campuses have become a key component in the construction of education informatization. Recently, at the 76th China Educational Equipment Exhibition, defiance took face recognition as the core of technology, combined mobile internet and big data analysis methods, and launched a digital education solution combining software with hardware, which aims to provide students and teachers with Provide high-quality intelligent services to create a more intelligent campus life .


Figure: Despise appearance at the 76th China Education Equipment Exhibition, launching digital education solutions

Despise launches digital education solution to create a smart campus living and working environment

In modern education, in addition to the responsibility of teaching and educating people, schools must provide students with a good learning and living environment. Therefore, the information and digital construction of school life services has also become an important part of the construction of smart campuses. Based on this, the despised education digital solution has introduced the dormitory management system, conference sign-in system and face-brush payment system in terms of smart life, creating a smart campus life and working environment for teachers and students.

Among them, the despise dormitory management system can statistically analyze the student's bedtime, bedtime, and late return times in real-time in dormitory-intensive dormitory scenes, helping counsellors and teachers to obtain comprehensive and detailed student sleeping information, improving Efficiency and security of dormitory management.

In addition, the conference sign-in system supported by face recognition technology can achieve high concurrent capture to ensure that multiple people sign in at the same time, effectively improve the meeting efficiency, and can display the sign-in situation in real time, and realize data visualization. At the same time, Vision is also promoting the application of the face brush payment system in major campuses, combined with the "campus card" system to comprehensively upgrade the intelligent consumption experience upgrade of campus teachers and students.

Build a campus security system and defiance to improve campus security capabilities

Campus safety is the foundation of a good learning and living environment, and it is also a topic of great concern to schools, parents, and society. Especially with the changes in modern campuses such as the expansion of school buildings, the complexity of building scales, and the increase in population density, traditional campus security has been unable to achieve retrieval and positioning, and lacks the ability to take the initiative to prevent and proactively prevent it. The less it can meet the needs of campus security. Based on this, Deaf Vision takes full advantage of the technical advantages of face recognition in security scenarios, and has created a campus security system to help campus security management.

The despised campus security system can achieve real-time stranger warning, blacklist comparison alarm, and face retrieval through high-density face detection and snapshots at the bayonet positions in key campus locations, improving campus security capabilities. At the same time, the access control system, as the core application of campus security, uses the method of brushing faces to ensure the speedy passage of campus personnel in dormitories, teaching buildings, conference rooms and other scenes. It can also strengthen the campus security management and reduce hidden dangers. In addition, the back-end one-stop smart campus digital platform can also connect to the entire scene of school gates, classrooms, dormitories, canteens, etc., record and reflect anomalies, and be a full-scale campus guard.

At the current stage, with the deepening of education informatization 2.0, various related enterprises are also comprehensively using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, and virtual reality to widely empower various areas of the education industry. As the world's leading artificial intelligence company, Despise has already deployed this solution to the smart upgrade of more than 100 colleges and universities in the process of improving the layout of the urban brain. In the future, it will continue to focus on algorithm and engineering innovation, and through the construction of the underlying unified AIoT operating system (AIoT OS), create digital products and solutions for the industry that truly reduce costs and increase efficiency, and combine software with hardware. Adding bricks to the bricks will continue to create the greatest value for society.