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Fiery Call! Looking for Hubei Top Ten College Students Social Practice Team! Just waiting for you!


Every summer vacation,

A passionate and energetic college student,

Team up and go all over China

Bringing professional knowledge and advanced technology to the fields and mountains

They have squat village schools,

Caring for the health of left-behind children;

Some work hard in practice,

Sing the song of youth ...

In August-October 2019, Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily) and the Hubei Daily College Student Press Team launched a “Jing Chuzheng Youth · The First Hubei Top Ten College Students Social Practice Team” solicitation and selection activity, soliciting and selecting 10 Best Summer Social Practice Team. The event tells social practice stories through display, selection and reporting, and promotes outstanding teams of college students.

This event is hosted by Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily) and co-organized by the Hubei Daily College Student Press Team. It aims to provide a channel for media release and a platform for self-display for the summer practice activities of college students in Hubei Province.

The relevant matters are notified as follows ↓↓↓

【Activity time】

August 26-October 2019

[Entry conditions]

1. The registration team must be a team that has been approved by the university to conduct social practice in the summer of 2019. The theme of the activity is positive, good completion, and high social evaluation.

2. Each team must fill in the complete solicitation information to spread the positive energy of youth.

[Team Category]

1. Social research. Investigate the construction achievements of the grass-roots and rural areas in recent years in science, technology, economy, culture and other aspects, or local people's livelihood issues.

2. Popularization of knowledge. Publicize agricultural technology with strong practicality and wide range of use, as well as laws and regulations, medical care, safety protection, ecological environment and other social science knowledge that are closely related to the grass-roots people, so as to improve their understanding and use.

3. Public welfare assistance. Through the organization of charity activities such as supporting education, assisting the disabled and supporting the weak, and free consultation, we will promote the spirit of gratitude and dedication, and dedicate love to society.

4. Cultural and sports activities. Organize various forms of cultural and art performances, physical fitness exercises, enrich the grass-roots cultural life, and create a harmonious and healthy living atmosphere.

5. Other activities. Other social practice activities outside the above categories can also be registered.

【Activity Award】

1. The top ten social practice outstanding teams (10) from Hubei will receive a prize of 2,000 yuan and an honorary certificate.

2. The outstanding team participating in the event will be given the opportunity to be recommended and displayed by Jingchu.com (Hubei Daily), as well as the opportunity to publish the manuscript.

3. Koi Award. According to the rules of the event, Weibo will set up 4 koi, each rewarding 500 yuan; WeChat will draw 1 koi, rewarding 2,000 yuan.

[Activity Process]

August 26-mid-September: In the primary election stage, comprehensive screening is performed according to the program highlights, implementation level, and teacher recommendation strength of practical activities.

Mid-September-Mid-October: voting phase, online voting is started.

Mid-Late October: At the re-election stage, the final selection is made by considering factors such as communication effectiveness, netizen voting, and expert review opinions, and awarding bonuses and honorary certificates to the final selected team.

[Commendation form]

1. Awarding: Awarding prizes and honorary certificates to 10 outstanding social practice teams of college students.

2. Hold an online practice achievement exhibition and continue to publicize outstanding teams and their practice projects.

【ways of registration】

Step 1: From August 26, scan the QR code in the bottom right corner of the solicitation order poster and enter the official WeChat of Jingchu.com;

Step 2: Reply to the [Call for Order] keywords in the background to enter the registration channel.

【contact us】

QQ group: 597547975

Phone: 027-88567718

If you want to make your own project

Get the opportunity to repost on major platforms;

If you want to stand out from countless practice teams

Get honors and rewards;

If you also want to meet outstanding talents from universities,

Continuous progress in competition and cooperation;

Then hurry and bring you a good enough practice project

Come and sign up!

We look forward to your stand out!

download attachment:

Attachment: Jing Chuzheng Youth · The First Hubei Top Ten College Social Practice Team Recruitment and Selection Team Declaration Form.doc