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Zhongshan Road Street organizes students to carry out social practice


The newspaper (Reporter Lin Hong correspondent Zhao Yan) Recently, Zhongshan Road Community, Zhongshan Road Sub-district Office, Shinan District, organized more than 10 elementary school students from Beijing Road Primary School to enter the community building to carry out social labor practice activities.
The staff first explained the relevant content of garbage classification for students, such as what types of garbage are divided into, and how to develop the habit of garbage classification. The students listened carefully and answered questions actively. Afterwards, the students and staff came to clean up the small advertisements in the building yard on 25 ~ 49 Feicheng Road.
According to reports, social practice activities are very popular with students. It supplements the insufficiency of classroom teaching, opens a window for students to contact and understand the society, and enriches students' amateur life. Through this practical activity, children's labor concepts were enhanced, their sense of social responsibility was improved, and a good work style and good habits were cultivated. At the same time of practicing labor, the children's horizons were broadened, allowing them to learn a lot of knowledge not found in books, and truly achieving the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic work.

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