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Interview with campus cleaning aunt event press release


Original Title: Interview with Auntie Campus Cleaning Press Release

The newspaper interviewed on July 9th at 10:00 am. A related survey on auntie cleaning conducted by the summer social practice team of the College of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering of Jiangsu Ocean University was conducted on schedule in the dormitory building of Cangwu Campus. The team participating in the practice obtained in-depth cooperation with Lianyungang Green Hope Public Welfare Center to jointly carry out daily environmental protection activities. The reporters participating in the interview are all members of the practice team of "Environmental protection journey, you and I spend together". The interviewees are part of the cleaning and auntie management of Ocean University of Jiangsu. This activity aims to make the members of the practice team have a certain understanding of the environmental protection and sanitation situation in the school, and also arouse the attention of the cleaning aunt on environmental issues, and improve the environmental awareness of the cleaning aunt.

At the beginning of the event, team leader Dong Lijun led the team members into the university dormitory, conducted a questionnaire survey and interviews with the aunts in each dormitory building. Each member of the practice team held two or three copies of the “Citizens 'Environmental Awareness Survey for College Students' Summer Social Practice Team” and kept propagating and moving around the dormitory building. “Hello aunt, we are from the University Students Social Practice Team. I hope you can Cooperate with filling out a questionnaire on environmental protection, thank you Aunt "The members of the practice group asked softly, the aunt smiled heartily, the corners of her eyes wrinkled a clear line from time to time, and answered loudly," Yes, Aunt to cooperate with you " Auntie Jie, holding a pen, was thinking about the title, and she kept writing and drawing, "Yeah, what auntie is this World Environmental Protection Day? I really do n’t know, haha" Auntie covered her mouth and smiled Said that the members of the practice team slowly stepped forward, "Auntie, World Environmental Protection Day is the statutory June 5th. It's okay. Auntie has a good memory. I remember this time and will never forget it later." He whispered and explained to the aunt, "Yes, yes, June 5th, remember now, the aunt has learned, thank you, haha". With the passage of time, the interview work was carried out in an orderly manner. At last, all members of the practice team took a group photo in front of the Confucius statue. The one-hour interview activity was successfully concluded.

Auntie Cleaning is not only a member of the school, but also a citizen of Lianyungang. This interview has aroused the concern of Auntie Cleaning about environmental protection. A small step by Auntie is a big step in the civilization of Hong Kong City. Environmental protection is already a judge of the city Standard, environmental journey, you and I spend together.

Our reporter Yin Xize

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