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[Summer Social Practice] Real Research Announces Green Building Dreams


The sustainable development of the new era requires adherence to the five development concepts of "innovation, coordination, green, openness, and sharing". Therefore, whether from the perspective of protecting a good ecology or considering the rational development and utilization of natural resources, do a good job of garbage classification. The scientific treatment of garbage is all the homework that must be done to achieve green and sustainable development. As young people in the new era, they are more responsible and obliged to promote the concept of green environmental protection. Twelve students from the School of Electric Power Engineering of Nanjing Institute of Technology formed a “Tiantaixing” team and rushed to the rooftop from July 23 to July 29 to focus on the actual situation. Investigate and declare the "three key elements of building green dreams", explore and experience the theme of green environmental protection under the new situation.

Survey | "Deep into the Grassroots"

In the past two years, Tiantai County has vigorously promoted the creation of provincial-level agricultural science and technology parks, and has made every effort to build a modern agricultural development platform that advances agricultural innovation-driven development, agglomeration of agricultural science and technology resources, and integration and transformation of new agricultural technologies, new varieties, and new achievements, with green agriculture as the starting point. Promote high-quality agricultural development. In order to deepen the students' perceptual knowledge of green agriculture and field application of science and technology in agriculture, the practical team first came to Tiantai Modern Agricultural Park, visited the Jiusuier Ecological Plantation, and learned about green agriculture such as water-saving irrigation and soil organic protection. technology. The staff in the park introduced: "Green safety is the development goal we always adhere to. Based on the" double control of fertilizer and medicine ", the park has basically achieved full coverage of green prevention and control. The amount of chemical fertilizer applied per unit of arable land has been reduced by 200 compared with that before the implementation of double control of fertilizer and medicine. Tons of pesticides were reduced by 2 tons, and green agriculture was truly achieved.

Xuan green | "Scientific classification", garbage separation to protect the environment

Garbage classification may seem trivial, but it is related to people ’s livelihood and green sustainable development. In order to popularize the green lifestyle and raise the environmental protection awareness of the residents, further promote the mobilization of garbage classification knowledge. From July 25th to 26th, the practice team united Intermodal Environmental Co., Ltd. carried out the popularization of garbage classification knowledge in Haotingfeng Community, No.1 Yangjiashan, Tiantai. The team split up in two ways. One team was responsible for explaining the scene to the residents, and the other team helped guide the residents who need to throw garbage to identify correctly. Placement. Although it's the hot summer, residents are enthusiastic about the green environment, residents have stopped and listened, "I didn't know how to classify garbage before, but I understand it today. Thank you. The garbage is classified as good for us. Life has such great benefits, I support it, and our family supports it! "Grandpa Wang, a resident of the community, took the lead and applauded. After the event, team member Dong Rui couldn't help but sigh: "This promotion not only helped the grandparents to sort out the different garbage, but also gave me a lot of rewards. I also made a little green environmental protection guard, which was particularly rewarding. "

Build Dreams | "Stroke Childlike", Turn Waste into Treasure and Promote Growth

In the last two days of practice, under the guidance of instructor Wang Hanna, the team took the discarded bottles accumulated during the trip to the "cloth-like studio" for the children's painting base to design the bottles to turn the waste into treasure, and painted the environmentally friendly bags with watercolors. The children actively used their brains and tried to decorate the colorful and empty bottles. Liu Yaole, a six-year-old, smiled and said to the team members, "I will draw a lot of sunflowers, so no one wants to throw garbage." In the end, the children and the team members drew the most beautiful scenery on their bottles and left them in the studio; the environmentally friendly bags filled with childlikeness were given to the passersby by themselves, and the passersby expressed their thanks and promised certain Will protect the environment and support green. Team leader Wang Yifan mentioned the event: "I think this is a very meaningful thing, so that children can learn how to protect green water and mountains from a young age, and also learn the volunteer spirit of sharing."

In the new era, our party has continuously deepened its understanding of the regularity of propaganda and ideological work, put forward new ideas, new opinions and new conclusions, insisted on educating the people with socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, insisted on cultivating and practicing core values of socialism, and insisted on building Fengqingqiang cyberspace. As a young university student in the new era, in addition to learning and practicing in the "Three Going to the Countryside" summer practice activities, he should also consciously undertake the tasks of raising the flag, gathering the public, and displaying his image in the new situation, and practice himself. What you see, hear, feel, and want to spread, construct propaganda positions, actively speak and speak, and become a newcomer of the times who can assume the role of national rejuvenation.