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Shandong: New employment growth point from "creation" and "breakthrough"

Original Title: Deep Economic Observation | New Employment Growth Points Generated from "Creation" and "Crash"

"Great Makers" Drive "Little Makers", New Business Models and New Models Promote New Careers

New employment growth points from "creation" and "breakthrough"

The "big maker" drives the "small maker". Webcasts and entrepreneurship spark sparks, and employee skill training injects endogenous power into enterprise innovation ... To cope with the downward pressure on the economy and strive for steady growth, it is urgent to fully explore the "double innovation" Potential, lengthen the chain of industry and employment, and create new points of growth.

"DaMaker" drives "Little Maker"

From just making tooling for others, with a profit of at least one dollar per piece of clothing, to the transformation and upgrading, according to market demand, he created “explosive” clothing and settled in Zhang Xianhua, a large gathering prom industrial park in Heze Development Zone. The power of the "platform", "I used to have only 20 machines, and now more than 60 machines are full."

Li Shuangshuang, a returnee entrepreneur, is the project leader of the "Big Party". Within two years, the "Big Party" has integrated more than 2,000 manufacturers and more than 10,000 performing arts apparel categories, from fabric procurement to design, to online and offline event promotion and terminal sales. The entire industry has undergone a tempering and regeneration. Today, the incubation of the industrial park has led many small manufacturers, including Zhang Xianhua, to realize transformation and upgrading, which has driven 5,000 jobs.

Entrepreneurship to drive employment is a new exploration in the new economy. Entrepreneurship and innovation are unleashing vitality in Qilu. In many places, through the platform advantages and technology and model empowerment, a new model of "big maker" and "small maker" has been formed. Decoding the logic behind it is to continuously innovate and change, make a big cake in "creation" and "breakthrough", and realize the positive interaction between development and employment.

Facilitating "double innovation", this year, Shandong Province launched the first pilot project on guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship. Jining City integrates the resources of finance, human resources, social security, finance and other departments, and implements a "one-stop" service model pilot for loans; Zibo City uses credit reporting systems and big data platforms to implement credit guarantee loans on the premise of effective risk prevention and control Pilot mechanism; Linyi City launched a pilot program of “creation of loans + commercial loans” to expand the scale of entrepreneurial loans.

In the first three quarters, the province issued a one-time start-up subsidy of 347 million yuan, a one-time start-up job development subsidy of 9.49 million yuan, and a start-up guarantee loan of 9.787 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 115%, 97%, and 91%. It is also the best proof of the surge of "double innovation".

"Flexible employment" is becoming a new employment growth point

GDP growth creates employment space, and employment growth also creates GDP. As of the end of the third quarter of this year, there were over 10 million households in various provinces in the province, reaching 10.075 million households, of which 2.931 million enterprises, 6.933 million individual industrial and commercial households, and 210,000 specialized farmer cooperatives.

The optimization and adjustment of the industrial structure, the enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship, and the emergence of new formats and models have spawned a series of new industries and new professions.

On December 6, Alipay announced for the first time new jobs born on its platform, more than 40 new occupations, and directly created nearly 7 million jobs. Earlier, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security also officially released 13 new professional information to the society, including artificial intelligence engineering technicians and Internet of things engineering technicians.

The popularity of variety shows such as "Tucao Conference" has made many people accept and love talk shows, and has also inspired some entrepreneurs to take the path of "content entrepreneurship" based on this. Duan Wangye's talk show, which is already famous in Jinan, was jointly created by the host of Jinan Radio and TV, professional screenwriters and college students of Shandong Yingcai College. The main products and services currently launched are cable performances, comedy workshops, talk shows The team's growth plan has expanded from less than 10 people to 37 people.

What kind of spark can webcasting and entrepreneurship collide with? This year, the new farmer entrepreneurial park in Xuecheng District, Zaozhuang City introduced the top Taobao live broadcast agency, Jufa Cai Group, on Taobao.com, and is committed to creating the “Live Zaozhuang” e-commerce brand, and even The province's professional "Taobao official live broadcast base". Bi Yan, a 25-year-old native of Zaozhuang, sells "Feng Sheng Shui Qi" through live webcasting. Since entering the Pioneer Park to engage in plus-size apparel sales through webcasting, monthly sales have now reached 1.3 million yuan, with annual personal income of more than 1.5 million yuan.

"New formats and new models are a powerful driving force for employment stabilization. The large number of these new occupations will increase employment flexibility,

Capillaries that enrich the job market. "The relevant person in charge of the Employment Promotion and Unemployment Insurance Department of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security said.

New professional employment forms are often more flexible, and "flexible employment" is becoming a new point of employment growth. Although "flexible employment" still has deficiencies in social security and other aspects, the overall development trend is better. At present, the state has issued a strong signal of "clearing and abolishing the regulations that unreasonably restrict flexible employment." In fact, it is protecting a variety of employment forms. The intention behind this is quite profound, and it also tests the wisdom of system innovation in various places.

"Strong technology" for enterprise innovation

Inject endogenous power

At present, Shandong Province is in a critical period of new and old kinetic energy conversion and industrial transformation and upgrading. Enterprises are moving towards high-quality development in innovation, and they need to be supported by the "strong skills" training of employees to stabilize the "basic disk" of employment.

"Every Friday, the teachers from Jining Technician College come to give us lessons. Usually, the company also organizes training and practical training. Now I not only operate the machine, but also understand the relevant principles. It is easier to carry out some technical improvements and innovations. "As the first batch of employees trained under the new apprenticeship system, Cao Di, chief of the control room of Shandong Rongxin Group's chemical production plant, is very grateful for his learning experience.

The classroom is the workshop and the students are the employees. This is a true portrayal of the new apprenticeship. Rongxin Group's first batch of new apprentices has a total of 30 people, with a two-year education system. After passing the assessment, a senior worker's graduation certificate and vocational qualification certificate can be obtained. "The staff's skill level and innovation ability have been greatly improved, and the improvement proposals put forward at work have also made a qualitative leap," said Cheng Dongmei, director of the human resources department of Rongxin Group.

"Strong technology" is the key method to stabilize employment. This year, Shandong Province launched a comprehensive vocational skills promotion campaign, raised 6.2 billion yuan from the unemployment insurance fund balance, and carried out large-scale vocational skills training. The annual target task is to train 770,000 people, an increase of 30% from last year. The current progress is relatively smooth. .

Reporters interviewed and investigated and found that some enterprises are under-influenced by the external situation. It is not simply a “holiday holiday”, but the use of this time to carry out employee training to lay the foundation for long-term development.

"Strong technology" also injects endogenous power into corporate innovation. This year, Weichai was rewarded with 10 first-line innovative craftsmen each 100,000 yuan, and the most respected craftsman Wang Shujun 500,000 yuan, which caused strong response among front-line workers. The number of innovation proposals of Weigao Group this year has reached 8,652, generating direct economic benefits of more than 34 million yuan. (Zhang Chunxiao)

(Responsible editor: Nie Junqiang, Hu Honglin)