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2019 Evidence-Based College Entrance Examination Session 4 [University Admission Planning Training Course] Review!


Original Title: The Fourth Evidence-Based College Entrance Exam 2019 [University Admission Planning Training Course] Review!

Dear candidates, parents and friends:

Hello everyone!

Teachers of the evidence-based college entrance examination have been with you from high school to the entire high school and witnessed every student from high school students to current prospective college students. Among these students, they are about to go to Peking University, Renmin University of China, Tianjin University, Chengdu University of Technology ....... and other universities, they are confident in the sunshine, and believe that at the new beginning of the university, their future will be even more brilliant!

I am very happy to see that the 2019 Evidence-based candidates actively participate in the Evidence-Based University Admissions Planning Course. In order to make every candidate participate to gain something, the evidence-based teachers always insist on teaching in small batches. In 2019, there will be 5 Evidence-Based College Student Admission Planning Courses, and 4 have been successfully held. Next, I will show you our planning lessons!

I. Classroom Scene of "University Admission Planning Course"

Evidence-based teacher Pu teaches humor

Students actively discuss participation

2. Classroom scene of "Excellent EQ"

Evidence-based teacher Pu shares "how to stand out in self-introduction"

Evidence-based trainees actively summarize and share excellent emotional intelligence experience

Three, student team style display materials

Four: Happy pictures of evidence-based teachers and classmates

More exciting content, please continue to pay attention to evidence-based volunteer network!

2019 Evidence-Based College Entrance Examination Admission Planning Training Invitation Letter

Dear candidates,


Congratulations on entering your college career at the best age and starting a whole new voyage! At this moment, we are either very excited, relieved, or slightly sorry. No matter what kind of mood, we have finished the perfect ending with the past, the future is infinite, and our vision is confused.

The evidence-based planning class hopes to cultivate some ideas and give some directions during this critical period. I sincerely hope that all of my testimonial friends can go further and further in their academic and professional careers.

In order to guide each candidate individually, we offer the following courses for you to choose:

相处,经常踩到雷区。 1. If you think that you need to improve in the process of interpersonal communication or you are not always able to get along well with the people around you , often step on the minefield. We hope the following courses will help you.

College Students' Academic Planning + EQ

如果您认为在学习过程中,无法很好的做计划或者无法对已做计划长久执行下去,总是三分钟热度。 2. If you think that in the learning process, you cannot make a good plan or can not carry out the plan for a long time, it is always three minutes. We hope the following courses will help you.

Undergraduate academic planning + scientific development plan

如果您总是觉的要做的事情实在太多,可经常只能完成计划的很小一部分,为此精疲力尽。 3. If you always feel that you have too many things to do, you can often only complete a small part of the plan, which is exhausting. We hope the following courses will help you.

College students' academic planning + efficient time management

Evidence-based one-to-one planning lesson start time


Course (same content every time)

August 10 (13: 30-16: 30)

Academic planning for college students

special reminder:

1. Candidates who have signed up for the evidence-based one-to-one course in 2019 are free of charge.

2. Unregistered 2019 evidence-based one-to-one candidates 600 yuan / person

02885296630 Planning Division Registration Hotline: 02885296630