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Chinese students were admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, he said: Everything comes from this key choice!


Original title: Chinese student admitted to the University of Pennsylvania, he said: Everything comes from this key choice!

Key decision: transfer from public school to private school

宾夕法尼亚大学工程与应用科学学院录取 Ming Wei is an outstanding student of LWA's 2019 graduation class. It takes 45 minutes to drive from Flushing to Long Island every day. Now she has been accepted by the University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science . LWA的奖学金 ,他很开心能够因此减轻父母的经济负担。 At the same time , he was awarded a scholarship from LWA for his outstanding performance, and he was very happy to be able to reduce the financial burden of his parents.

He transferred to LWA in the ninth grade and mentioned in an interview: "I am a public school in Queens in the seventh and eighth grades. Because my parents considered the advantages of a private school, I decided to transfer me to LWA. I am very grateful. Thank you, my parents, for everything that LWA has brought me. "

From public schools to private schools, Ming Wei deeply felt the difference between the two systems. 每个学生都能受到老师的关注 He said: In LWA, there were no more than 15 students in each class I attended, so every student could get the teacher's attention . The teacher has a deep understanding of the learning status of each student and will also provide timely assistance.

* Ming Wei shared his learning experience at LWA at the press conference

Admission to top ten universities in the United States: thanks to "one-on-one college application tutoring"

一对一的大学升学辅导 LWA attaches great importance to the future planning of each student, so we will provide one-on-one college counseling starting in the 10th grade . Ming Wei said: "

My ambition is in science and engineering. The school also arranges mock interviews for my department and assists me in preparing my resume and application materials. I am very happy to have accepted my first voluntary admission to the University of Pennsylvania, and I would like to thank the teachers of LWA school for their help. In addition to myself, many students have been admitted to Ivy League schools ! "

* LWA graduate admission list is as follows:

* The school prepares college interviews for senior students

Beyond Academics: Focusing on the Development of Diverse Societies

社团活动非常多元化 Another difference from public schools is that LWA's community activities are very diverse . Ming Wei mentioned that his own hobby is science, so he also joined the scientific community to study his own interests. In addition, he is also the deputy captain of the school debate community, going out to play on behalf of the school. Through the discipline of the debate community, he also allowed him to constantly challenge himself and develop his ability to think critically.

在LWA,每个学生的特长都会受到重视,并且得到培养 。LWA的表演艺术项目和体育发展也非常出色。我的好朋友Andrew Feldman参加了戏剧社团,并且在全国高中音乐剧的比赛中获得第一名,被百老汇的导演相中,而他从今年一月底,已经正式在百老汇舞台上演出”Dear Evan Hansen”的男主角!学校老师同学都以他为荣!” He mentioned: " At LWA, each student's expertise is valued and nurtured. LWA's performing arts programs and sports development are also outstanding. My good friend Andrew Feldman participates in the Drama Society and plays in national high school musicals He won the first place in the competition and was voted by the director of Broadway. From the end of January this year, he has officially performed the actor of "Dear Evan Hansen" on the Broadway stage! School teachers and students are proud of him! "

* Andrew Feldman promoted to Broadway cabaret in New York, performing "Dear Evan Hansen"

LWA: a century-old & cost-effective private school

Pre-K至12年级的私立非宗教的精英大学预科学校 Lawrence Woodmere Academy (LWA), founded in 1912, is a private non-religious elite college prep school from grades Pre-K to grade 12 . Niche.com评定为A+级学校 LWA has a century of educational history and reputation, is recognized by the New York State Independent Schools Association, and is rated as an A + school by Niche.com, a famous school ranking website in the United States .

five advantages

:校园座落于安全富裕的犹太人社区,距离纽约皇后区开车半小时内可抵达,距离纽约市也仅18英里。 Great location : The campus is located in a safe and affluent Jewish community, within a half-hour drive of Queens, New York, and only 18 miles from New York City. The newest fall class in September starts, and the school arranges a school bus to pick up Flushing students!

学生与教师比例为5:1 ,平均每五位学生配有一位专责教师,学习环境与教学品质优良。 ❖ Small class teaching + strong teacher team : The ratio of students to teachers is 5: 1. On average, every five students are assigned a dedicated teacher, and the learning environment and teaching quality are excellent. And 90% of teachers have a master's degree or above.

:针对学生未来发展提供 一对一个别辅导 ,使得LWA高中毕业生录取四年制大学达100%,其中不乏优秀学生录取 常春藤名校 ❖ High enrollment rate of famous schools : Provide one-on-one counselling for students' future development , making LWA high school graduates enroll in four-year universities up to 100%, and many of them are admitted to Ivy League schools .

学校课程设置依据美国教育趋势,着重于 STEAM (科学,技术,工程,艺术和数学)的教学内容。 ❖ STEAM + APClass : The school curriculum is based on American educational trends, focusing on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) teaching content. (AP Class) ,学生通过考试后可以换取日后相应的大学学分 In addition, LWA also provides 10 college advanced courses (AP Class) . After passing the exam, students can exchange for corresponding college credits in the future.

学校除了学术发展之外,提供 全球学者证书项目、表演艺术活动,及体育 等课外发展的机会 ❖ All-round talent training : In addition to academic development, the school provides opportunities for extra-curricular development such as global scholar certificate programs, performing arts activities, and sports .

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