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Jade Buddha Temple Temple Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Fund 2018 supports 21 entrepreneurial projects


Original title: Jade Buddha Temple Temple Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Fund to Support 21 Entrepreneurship Projects in 2018

On the afternoon of November 11, 2018, the Shanghai Charity Foundation's "Jade Buddha Temple Temple Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Fund" granting ceremony for the 2018 annual project was held in Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple.

Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple has invested 10 million yuan. In 2009, Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Youth League Committee jointly launched the Shanghai Charity Foundation "Jade Buddha Temple Temple Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Fund" project. This year, the "Jiaoqun University Student Entrepreneurship Fund" has funded 21 entrepreneurial projects with a total funding of 2.33 million yuan. The types of projects include science and technology, cultural and creative, marketing services, and public welfare services.

The leading guests who participated in the 2018 funding ceremony of the Shanghai Charity Foundation's "Jade Buddha Temple Temple Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship Fund" are: the vice chairman of the Chinese Buddhist Association, a member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai People's Congress, and the deputy of the Shanghai Charity Foundation Chairman of the Board, Abbot of Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, Chairman of Shanghai Juequn Culture and Education Foundation, Awakening Monk, Ni Minjing, Deputy Director of Shanghai Education Commission, Yao Zongqiang, Vice Chairman of Shanghai Charity Foundation, Dai Bing, Deputy Secretary of Shanghai Committee of the Communist Youth League, Putuo Chen Jianlong, deputy director of the District United Front Work Department and director of the District Clan Office. Entrepreneurship guidance experts, teacher representatives from various universities in Shanghai, and a group of entrepreneurs funded by the Jiequn University Entrepreneurship Fund in 2018 also attended the ceremony.

In addition, in order to better guide entrepreneurship, five entrepreneurial experts Chen Hong, Chen Bangwei, Song Baihong, Yao Hongtian, and Lu Shishi were specially invited to join the "Juequn Entrepreneurship Guidance Expert Group", and Dai Bing, deputy secretary of the Communist Party Committee Issue them letters of appointment.

In order to give more guidance to entrepreneurs, this event specially invited Jue Qun's entrepreneurial mentor-Mr. Xiaoming Li to combine the case of Jue Qun-funded projects for college students and startup teams. ”Gave a keynote speech, which greatly benefited the entrepreneurs and students present.